Free China Stamps Exchange


Please read all the rules before joining the ‘FCSE’ – Free China Stamps Exchange :

1. Only manual applications accepted at this early stage. Please email with some details about yourself & your collecting habits. By doing so, you allow other participants a better chance of putting stamps into your FCSE Cycle that you would prefer to receive.
2. FCSE Cycle’s henceforth known as a ‘FCSX’ will only take one of two forms- Commemoratives or Definitives. It takes 50 Commemorative stamps to join a ‘Commemorative FCSX’; 50 Definitive stamps to join a ‘Definitive FCSX’. At the suggestion of participants, we may have various FCSX’s on specific topics if there appears to be enough interest.
3. Join a FCSX by returning the Registration Form entitled “FCSX Members List”, which you will receive by return. This information is required so that the FCSX can be mailed to you.
You will mail your 50 stamps to ‘FCSE Admin’ only when the moderator announces that FCSX is full and has enough participants (4-5 people). Once the FCSE Admin announces that there are enough participants to start an FCSX, then it will be time to mail in your 50 stamps to Admin at the address below and please try to mail in your stamps within one week of announcement if possible.
China Philatelics,
Sierra Bermeja 1,
2-3A, Estepona 29680
Malaga – Spain.
Be sure to put the type of FCSX that you are joining on your envelope along with your name and address. This is very important!

4. After receiving all four to five lots of stamps, FCSE Admin will examine the total lot to ensure that each person has sent the appropriate, undamaged material.

5. Your stamps are always kept in your own separate envelope throughout the FCSX and the envelope is labelled with your name. A routing sheet is created for inclusion with the stamps. Please make sure that the routing sheet stays with the FCSE when you send your stamps onto the next person on the list.
6. Next, FCSE Admin sends the FCSX stamps to the first participant in the FCSX (the FCSE Admin routes the FCSX at its discretion). When the first participant has finished with the FCSX, it is then mailed to the second participant, and so on. When you receive the FCSX, you will take what you want from each envelope in the FCSX. You will then replace the total number of stamps which you took by placing them in your own envelope (the one with your name on it). In other words, if you keep 45 stamps, you replace them by putting 45 in the envelope with your name on it. This makes everyone involved accountable to the group because our names are attached to our sendings and remain attached throughout the entire FCSX.
To further clarify, the purpose of having each person put stamps back into their own envelope is so that there is better quality, more desireable, fresh stamps always in the FCSX. For example, if everyone can always see what I am putting back into the FCSX because my input is always in my envelope, then it tends to make each one of us more accountable to the types and quality of stamps that we are trading. If my stamps just go into one big envelope along with everybody elses, then nobody knows who put what in the trade and that’s when the trades tend to get ugly because people tend to just toss all their unwanted garbage in the pot. We don’t want that. We only want to see quality trades and happy swappers. Hope that makes sense. If not, ask Admin.
7. After the FCSX completes each round, (has been sent to all 4-5 participants) it is returned to the FCSE Admin who examines it to ensure that it is intact and the rules are being followed. FCSE Admin will then start the FCSX on a second round, and so on, as long as the FCSX is in good standing. Meaning that participants are following rules by replacing with appropriate and undamaged stamps.
8. After the first round and at the end of each subsequent round, you are expected to remove all of the stamps from the envelope with your name on it and replace them with fresh material. In other words, everyone has had an opportunity to look at the stamps in your envelope and the stamps that are remaining are the ones that nobody wants. So, it’s time to remove them and add the same amount of different, new ones. You also get to choose stamps from other participants again at this time and also add back (number taken) into your own envelope again.
If you put desireable, undamaged stamps in your envelope, you will likely have few stamps or no stamps in your envelope when it returns to you, and you will have lots of opportunity to swap with the others in the FCSX, as there will be many stamps in the other participants envelopes. The reverse is true if you do not put attractive stamp in your envelope. If this is the case, then your envelope will be frequently full and you will be spending most of your time swapping out the old, tired stamps from your envelope and replacing them with better stamps. You must be prepared to possibly swap out the entire contents of your envelope (up to 200 stamps in the case of commemoratives and 200 in the case of definitives). You must carefully consider your ability to replace stamps in the RR’s you wish to join if you are to be a successful swapper.
9. Each participant has the responsibility to provide the group with an update on the FCSX and to let the other participants know when he/she receives (as well as sends) the FCSX in the Form entitled “FCSX’s Currently in the Mail”. Each participant must also post a message indicating when he/she will mail it to the next participant in this section. This step is extremely important in order to know the whereabouts of each FCSX at all times.
10. If a participant withdraws from a FCSX, the FCSE Admin will post the opening on the Website and Email List so that someone else can take that spot.
11. There is no limit on the number of FCSX’s that you can join but after one warning, if you do not (or cannot) replace your stamps in a FCSX, you will be dismissed from the FCSX at the discretion of the FCSE Admin. You must take care to replace stamps you take with desireable, undamaged stamps which are appropriate for the FCSX you are in. If you do not, it will become very apparent, very quickly, that you are not being considerate and may be dismissed.